Student of the month September, 2019

Each month the student with more preparation points becomes the “student of the month.” For the month of September Diego Ramirez Guzman is the student of the month.

Diego is a very hard-working student, he enjoys performing and posting on facebook his latest performance. He has two younger brother who also play the piano and study at CMA with Dr. Rua.

Congratulations Diego, well deserved!

Student of the month, August 2019

Each month Dr. Rua chooses the student with more preparation points to be “the student of the month,” for the month of August this awards goes to Diego Ramirez Guzman.

Diego is a very dedicated student, he is 14 years old. Even though he was born with Duchenne, he makes an effort to keep practicing piano and be the best he can. He is an inspiration for anyone that meets him. He has two other brothers who also take piano lessons at CMA.

Diego gets this award with 54 points out of 70. Great work Diego!!

Students of the month, July 2019

Sofia Arthur and her mom
Colten Frentzel

Each month Dr. Rua chooses the student(s) that are best prepared on their lessons of that month to be “students of the month.”

For the month of July, the “students of the month” are Sofia Arthur and Colten Frentzel.

Sofia is 7 years old, she is a 2nd-grader at Indian Hill Primary. She likes to do crafts and enjoys playing the piano. She just started piano in February of this year.

Colten is 9 years old, he started playing the piano in December 2018 and since then he has received the “student of the month”-award three times. This is his fourth time!! Congratulations!

Great first year for both of them!