Activities Outside the Piano Lesson

These activities include a variety of contests, festivals, master classes with guest pianists, and other available activities.  Dr. Rua highly encourages her prepared students to take part of these learning experiences.  The student should be taking lessons with Dr. Rua at least 6 months before taking part on these.

Evaluation Events offer feedback from an assessor who comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the performance. These are a great gauge to track student progress. These are designed for students at all levels of performance from the beginning through advanced.

These activities require registration fees that are not included in the tuition, therefore, you are responsible for the payment of registration fees.

Please ask for more details if you are interested in participating.

Keep in mind there are deadlines for each activity.  Please let Dr. Rua know which activities you would like to take part on to start planning repertoire.

There are regularly scheduled private lessons during these activities.

Times for events that have a participation fee cannot be changed once the event deadline has passed.  Requests for specific times to perform must be submitted prior to the Registration Deadline.  Refunds will not be given if you cancel an event after the registration deadline. Fees are due the first day of the month of the event.

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