Studio Competitions:

Second Practice Competition Dr. Olga Rua Piano Studio: September 2019

Every two years Dr. Rua Piano Studio holds a practice competition. The student that practices the most wins the title of “champion,” a cash prize in gift cards, and a place in the wall of honor.

Outside Competitions:

These competitions are designed for the advanced students capable of performing at the highest level. A winner is often named and cash awards may be awarded. There are many events that are available to students who perform at this level. Here are a few local events that are popular

  •  Application deadline: January 24, 2020
  • Application fee: one movement $45, two movements $65, three movements $85
  • Auditions: February 15-16, 2020 at Immanuel UMC, Lakeside Park, KY
  • Elementary Division (up to 4th grade) Celebration! A Youth Concerto by L. F. Olson.  All Movements
  • Standard Division ( 5th-7th grade) Piano Concerto no. 9 by A. Peskanov. All Movements
  • Intermediate Division (8th-9th grade) Piano Concerto in C Major by C. Rollin. All Movements
  • Advanced Division (10th-12th grade) Piano Concerto in D Major Hob. XVIII/11 by F. J. Haydn.  Movement 1 ONLY
  • Dress Rehearsal: February 24-28, 2020. Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Final Concert and Award Ceremony: March 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM. Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. $10 admission

Music Teacher’s National Conference National Competition

  • Ohio Preliminaries, October 19-20, 2019. Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH
  • East Central Division, Semi-Finals, On-line Video Submission
  • Nationals, March 21-25, 2020 at the National Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Entry Deadline: September, 2019.
  • Elementary (Composition only), Entry Fee $50
  • Junior Division (ages 11-14), Entry Fee $80, Top Prize $1000
  • Senior Division (ages 15-18), Entry Fee $110, Top Prize $2000
  • Young Artist (ages 19-26), Entry Fee $120
  • 20-30 minute program to consist of two contrasting pieces from different eras.

Carmel Klavier International Competition

  • Registration opens, January
  • Entry Deadline: March, 2020
  • Preliminaries: An unedited video sent via YouTube link, $80 entry fee
  • Semifinals: End of June.  Live round of 6-16 minutes according to the level. $120 entry fee, which includes the Final round
  • Semifinals and Finals, June/July, 2020 at the Center of the Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana
  • Categories: Solo, Duet, Ensemble, Concerto, Contemporary Composers
  • Elementary A1-A2 (ages 5-7), Elementary B1-B2 (ages 8-9)
  • Intermediate A1-A2 (ages 10-11), Intermediate B1-B2 (ages 12-13)
  • Advanced A1-A2 (ages 14-15), Advanced B1-B2 (ages 16-18)
  • Two original contrasting pieces from different eras

Overture Awards

  • Entry Deadline: November 11, 2019
  • Regionals, January, 2020 at Mount St. Joseph University Theater
  • Semi-finals, February, 2020 at Jarson Kaplan Theater, Aronoff Center in Cincinnati
  • Finals, March, 2020 at Jarson Kaplan Theater, Aronoff Center in Cincinnati
  • Sponsored by the Cincinnati Arts Association, Entry Fee $20.00
  • Instrumental Division, students must be in grades 9-12
  • Top prize $4000.00, all finalists get $1000.00
  • Students perform one selection from memory, must be less than five minutes

Pre-Collegiate Buckeye Competition

  • Southwest District Competition, April, 2019, Fees and Location TBD
  • Finals, June, 2020.
  • Elementary Division, ages 9-11, performs 5-10 minute program
  • Junior Division, ages 12-14, performs 6-12 minute program
  • Senior Division, ages 15-18, performs 9-18 minute program
  • Movement from a classical sonata required in the Senior Division
  • All contestants must perform at least two pieces from different eras
  • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
  • Preliminary Prescreening tapes due by January
  • Semifinalists will be invited to compete at BGSU on February
  • Finals will be scheduled for February
  • There is an entry fee associated with this event
  • International Competition: Top Prize $3000.00
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